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Our Company

Our History

Mother Rucker’s Sweets® is a gourmet sweets and gift company that creates, produces and markets premium, fresh-baked cookies, brownies, handmade chocolate bars and confections.   

We believe that great taste and quality cannot be separated.  You can have quality without great taste, but it’s difficult to be truly delicious without concentrating on quality. We’re dedicated to creating sweets that are unsurpassed (it’s not just our passion – we think it’s our purpose) and believe you can actually Taste the Love™ in every bite of our exceptional products. 

In 2003, Karel Rucker, co-founder of Mother Rucker’s Sweets, unleashed her passion for baking and chocolate making on co-workers and colleagues with a bountiful spread of cookies, brownies, truffles and confections.  It was clear 25 years of fine tuning her family recipes, creating her own and developing her skills and technique was something very special.  It was this event that led to the start of Mother Rucker’s Sweets.  

Karel and business colleague, Greg Raynes, launched Mother Rucker’s Sweets in Fort Worth, Texas, in 2006.  The modest commercial bakery produced a short list of cookies and confections.  By all accounts it was a successful launch and the company was quickly making a name for itself. Within the second year, the company broadened its product line and offerings to include gifts geared to business customers.   As the company grew and moved into a larger facility, new sweets were added: gourmet brownies, handmade chocolates and fancy cut-out cookies. 

Mother Rucker’s Sweets expanded its gift business by producing seasonal and gifts for every occasion, and enhanced its business gift division to better serve medium and large companies.  We are proud to include such prestigious companies and associations such as Accenture, Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce and Texas Motor Speedway as our customers. 

As we enlarge our product line and distribution, Mother Rucker’s Sweets strive’s to do the best in all we do.  We continue to grow and plan for our future and develop new approaches to expand our multi-faceted business.  

Our Mission

To earn the loyalty and respect of our customers by providing a brand of superior fresh-baked sweets and confections that can be trusted, not only for quality, but for excellent customer service backed by our unparalleled guarantees.